Your basic and helpful guide to botox treatment

Botox is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure to reduce the visible signs of ageing. It is unbelievably popular all over this planet and the UK is no exception. It is rather a fast and pain-free means to look much younger your age. But it is utmost important to get this treatment only from trusted places under the safe. Skilled and experienced pairs of hands. You should do enough research before undergoing this cosmetic procedure. In the following sections of the post let us explore few important facts related to the procedure. When you are armed with these facts taking an informed decision will be much easier.

Let us first start with knowing more about this procedure to understand it better.

A basic and clear understanding of botox treatment

Botox – to put it in easier words – is nothing more than a cosmetic treatment. The procedure of the treatment involves a protein which is synthesised. From botulinum toxin and this protein blocks signals transmitted from the muscles. As a result of this blockage the muscles of the face get frozen. For a while which in turn stops contraction of the muscles.  As the muscles become contracted there is no appearance of those deep lines and wrinkles this is how botox treatment. Reduces the appearance of skin lines and wrinkles to make you look younger.

Botox treatment deals with toxin on the whole but when it is safely. Administered in the right dosages it proves to be unbelievably beneficial. However you must get the treatment done by trained, qualified, skilled and experienced practitioners to get its best effects. On the whole this treatment is more preventive and less restorative, says a botox London expert. Who possesses years of experience in handling these cases. If it is administered correctly then botox can cater to both medical and cosmetic needs.

Typical problems that botox can resolve

Botox is a preventive measure which and it can effective reduce further formation of wrinkles on the skin. When compared to other cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery, it is a relatively much simpler procedure. It proves to be uniquely efficient in reducing those fine lines that are caused by facial expressions. Botox is mainly administered through injection and these injections have specific targeted areas. The target areas of the treatment include the following – wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows. Tiny lines around the mouth and the eyes. (these lines are known by various names like crow’s feet, frown lines, laugh lines and others). Horizontal creases the appear in the forehead.

Suitable candidates for the treatment

Botox treatment involves certain legal compliances in certain places across the UK. For example when England is concerned, a candidate who is about to receive the botox. Injections or fillers must be above 18 years old. Your guardian’s consent or that from your parents will not be enough to allow you the treatment. However everyone else above that age is usually able to take the treatment baring a few exceptions. For example women who are either pregnant or still breastfeeding. Their children are not supposed to take these treatment fillers or injections.

Interestingly the danger from botox to pregnant and breastfeeding. Women is still unknown but yet the treatment is to not provided to them to be on the safer side. Even those who suffer from any neuro muscular condition are not considered eligible for this treatment. The treatment is also denied to them who are currently on certain medications. Like antibiotics that fall under the amino glycosides category. Botox treatment in London or for that matter anywhere else is recommended on case by case basis. Every individual undergoing the procedure has different requirements and are also likely to undergo different reactions.  

The treatment is off bounds in certain cases like for those who are allergic. To the elements or components of botulinum toxin or those who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. Even people suffering from keloidal scarring are not given this treatment.

The initial consultation is important for the treatment

When your initial research on the treatment is over and you have decided to get the botox. Injections you must have an initial consultation with a skilled, experienced and certified botox practitioner. This initial consultation is crucial because this is your chance to sort out every query. And concern related to it for once and for all. It is important to note that this treatment never comes under the category of “one treatment fits all”. When you pour out your queries before the expert there are higher chances. You may get an informed recommended treatment which suits you much better. For the experts who provide this treatment it is crucial to know your. Complete medical history and your expectations from it. Based on that information, along with considering your age an expert can help you select the best treatment option.

You should write down all the questions and queries regarding the procedure that come to your mind. It is always helpful going to a botox practitioner prepared with a questionnaire.

Components in botox

Botox is a protein that is synthesised from a toxin produced by a bacterium names Clostridium Botulinum. This particular toxin is responsible for a type of food poisoning called botulism which can be life threatening. The treatment must be administered by a qualified and. Experienced pair of hands to secure the best possible results says one of the best botox practitioners in London.

About the treatment

Botox comes in powder form and it is mixed with saline and refrigerated before injecting in your targeted body parts. It is injected using an exceptionally fine needle and it is injected just under the skin surface. Usually these injections do not result in bruises unless the fine needle hits one of your blood vessels. However even if there is mild bruising at the injection site, it fades away automatically within 24 hours.  

Bayswater Dental Clinic is one of the best places to getbest botox treatment in London. The practice has an impressive track record in handling this type of cases. The toxin that is injected takes effect within 24 to 72 hours. In other words the time the toxin takes to make its full effect visible varies from patient to patient. Even the number of injections one needs varies from case to case. Depending upon a number of factors including the area targeted to be treated.

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