Mobile tyre fitting experts train you on tyre fitting on the road

Everyone hopes never to experience a blown out tyre in life but almost every now and then someone or the other has to face it. Therefore it is important for every driver and motorist to know how to change a flat tyre. How to change a blown out tyre is an important skill to master that provides unbelievable mileage over the years! It is practically feasible to reduce the chances of getting a blown out tyre. How? It is possible by taking good care of your tyres and maintaining them well. Along with that it is also important to keep the tyres under correct pressure. But in spite all the time and effort you devote just a piece of heavy nail or that of metal can pierce your tyre almost in no time and that is how you experience a blown out or punctured tyre.

The good thing is changing a punctured tyre is not as difficult as you may think. For someone with the right skills and tools will easily replace a punctured tyre with a spare one hardly in ten minutes. But before anything else let us go through the list of equipments that you need to change a flat tyre of your vehicle(Mobile Tyre Fitting).

Equipments and resources required to change a punctured tyre

The basic resources or equipments which you need to get the job done include the following – a spare tyre (which is most obvious), a wrench and a jack. But apart from these basic tools you also require few more excesses to carry out the task smoothly. Here is a full list of the things or items you need and it is important to carry these equipments in your car at all times, suggests an expert who provides the service of mobile tyre fitting in east London over the years. You never know when you may have a tyre puncture and then you will need these resources he explains.

  • Spare tyre – Make sure that it is fully inflated while replacing a punctured tyre.
  • The manufacturer’s manual or vehicle hand book – This is a resourceful wonder book that contains specific instructions for your car or vehicle.
  • Wheel chocks – These are to be placed both in front and behind of an inflated tyre and prevents rolling while you change a punctured tyre of your vehicle. Alternatively you can make use of brick cubes or even a heavy piece of wood in absence of wheel chocks.
  • Car jack – This piece of tool actually lifts your vehicle off the ground so that it is possible for you to remove the punctured tyre and replace it with the spare one.
  • Wrench – Make sure this piece of tool is compatible with the bolts and nuts on your wheel.
  • Locking wheel nut key – In some vehicles you will find locking nuts which are meant to provide greater security. The right key is required to unscrew the wheel nuts.

In addition to the items mentioned above you also require few more resources to ensure your safety and convenience. These items include a pair of gloves, a warning triangle, a reflective jacket and a flashlight or torch. The safety triangle is to be placed at a strategic point to let oncoming drivers know there is an obstruction or hazard on the road. It keeps you safe from being accidentally run over by oncoming drivers. A torch becomes most helpful to replace a punctured tyre on road after setting in of dusk or nightfall. A reflective jacket is also meant to keep you safe from being run over by other vehicles while you are busy replacing the blown out wheel. A good pair of gloves keeps your palms clean from the dirt and dust while dealing with a punctured tyre and it also keeps your hands safe from any sharp object that may cause an accident.

How much time it takes to change a punctured tyre

With the right skiil sets and the right equipments an individual can easily replace a punctured tyre within flat 10 minutes. But everyone may not possess such high levels of skill and therefore the standard time required for ordinary folks to replace a flat tyre ranges from 20 to 30 minutes says an expert who deals in mobile tyre repair in east London.  

It is a good idea to get used to the process of replacing a tyre at home on a bright, sunny and soothing day. There are lots of videos on YouTube the help your cause; these videos show you everything that is crucial, ranging from how the jack works to the location of jack points in your vehicle. This effort is nothing but kind of net practice that prepares you to change your tyres on the road that too on a dark and wet evening. Take your time, have patience, do not hurry and learn the rope; it is important to make sure that you are doing the task correctly.  The most important thing in real life while changing tyres is to ensure your own safety as well as safety of others. Here are a few tips below to make your task easier.

Changing a punctured car tyre

  • Preparation stage and the need of the required tools and equipments.

Park your punctured vehicle in a safe spot and apply the handbrake. In the next step put the hazard lights on and cut off the engine. Go through the manufacturer’s manual to see if there is any specific instruction for your vehicle. Put on the reflective jacket and the gloves and place the protective triangle on a suitable spot. Place the wheel chocks either in front or behind the inflated tyre.

In the next step you have to loosen the nuts of the wheel and only then you should lift the vehicle up using the jack. If your vehicle has locking wheel nuts then you have to start with a locking key. Use the wrench to loosen the nuts, turn the wrench in anti clockwise direction for the purpose. Once those are loosened then you have to lift the vehicle with the jack. You will know the point where you should line up the jack to lift your vehicle from the user manual. Line up the jack with the jacking point and it is important to make sure that it remains stable and straight all through the process of jacking. Now it is time to replace the punctured tyre with the spare one. While jacking, make sure there is enough room below for you to remove the punctured tyre easily. Once the spare tyre is fitted in replace, you have to reattach the wheel nuts in place. Now it is time to lower the vehicle back on ground and then it is time to tighten the wheel nuts using the wrench as tight as they go. According to experts working in mobile tyre fitting and repair service in east London  after driving through a couple of miles you should again tighten the wheel nuts to ensure absolute safety. You can also call the best for such conditions 24hr mobile tyre fitting London on 7707717000 to come and help you out form this sudden time killing problem.

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